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So went to McDonald's on lunch today and the counter girl asked if it was take out. I said yes, she nodded and seemed to repeat this back to me. She put the stuff on a tray for eating in, and I said "I asked for it to go sorry" which she didn't hear. I repeated myself, she told me she hadn't heard me. I said a third (fourth) time that it was to go. Girl was teens or twenties, well turned out, attractive and just an average person. She bagged it up and apologized. I said, that's okay, no problem. No sign of her being outwardly put out. I left the counter. Co-workers who were queuing behind me, once they'd got served, told me that I'd really made her angry. I had not noticed anything of the sort. It is me apparently, and an aggressive lack of charisma.

In the car Alan opined that it was my accent that made them dislike me. I responded that I've heard this a lot and wanted to know what the fuck precisely was wrong with my accent. He claims, again, that I don't sound like I'm from Atherton. I hear this constantly. Also I'm not from Atherton, I'm from Bamfurlong, five miles away. About as far away in fact as this McDonald's was from Atherton. Alan is from Germany, and speaks with a southern English accent.
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I've noticed this a lot, particularly with bar staff but also with other counter folk. I've noticed that people seem cheerful and pleasant with me until they hear me speak. Now, it's either because people are massive Pavlovian phonies at work, but can only sustain it for that first mandatory interaction, or because I'm so aggressively uncharismatic that I can end a person's good humour with a word. More observation is called for.


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